Kind Words

I just bought my first flavored hummus at Whole Food in Lynnwood, WA, yesterday. I had a heart attack a month ago and I’m doing the PREVENT AND REVERSE HEART DISEASE diet (book by Dr. Caldwell B Esselstyn) as well as the other book: UnDo It! By Dr. Dean Ornish. Both books, similar diets have these two things in common: NO OIL, PLANT BASED eating. It’s so hard to find anything that tastes full of flavor but doesn’t have oil in it. I nearly cried eating the Spinach and Artichoke Hummus last night. … your whole line of flavored hummus … and the chocolate mouse … I can eat all of them. I looked at your ingredient list. … I’m so happy to have found your company.…

Stacey T

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I tried your Lebanese lunch box last Saturday for the very first time at Natural Grocers in Bend, Oregon. I was surprised how good it was for the money. I was able to heat falafel in the microwave. I went back Monday and there was a man introducing many hummus from your company. I got a lime and cilantro, and we put it on baked potatoes the same night. I got two more Lebanese lunch boxes and I am going back tomorrow for a fresh delivered box! I'm so glad I tried your product. Thanks for those delicious lunch box!

Rika T.

Our neighbors brought over a container of your Baba Ghanooj last week. I have to tell you, it is the BEST commercial Baba Ghanooj I have ever eaten. Now, where can I purchase it in/around McMinnville, Oregon? Thank you, it is a wonderful product.

Suzanna M.

Hi Trazza folks,

I just wanted to email and say thank you for the food you make. Your hummus is a bright spot for me in this quarantine; it means a lot to me to have access to my favorite snacks during difficult times, and your hummus is my favorite, period.

I really appreciate you and your food and hope you are all well and safe.

Thanks, KP

I recently discovered your original hummus at our local Whole Foods and I’m so glad that I did! It is delicious! Thank you!!

Benita H.

Trazza’s products are fantastic and can be used in so many different ways. Dips, sandwiches, pizzas!...... it goes on and on. The natural ingredients they use shows that the company takes pride in their products as well as their process. My wife and I had the opportunity of taking the spinach and original with us on this last weekend's long camping adventure and it was a perfect match with carrots and cucumber for a healthy snack during the hot day. Trazza, you will always have 5 stars from us!

Nathan H

Your story is special faith, family, commitment to a dream, and fun. Putting God first in all you do shines.

Nancy R.

Thank you for the most incredible middle eastern food I have tasted outside of a 5 star buffet in Dubai. I have fallen in LOVE with your Mihshi.

Berta H

Hey! I tried your hummus and baba ghanoush on Saturday. IT WAS AWESOME!

Happyrock Roastery

My kids loved it too!!

Mindee H

Totally addicted to Cilantro/Jalapeno hummus. Best ever, anywhere. Hands down!!

Denise B

Best falafel & baklava in town!!!!!!

Nick T

Was introduced to the cilantro-jalapeno hummus over the weekend - yummy! My new all-time fave.

Dana H

Very proud of this yummy, healthy, delicious, LEBANESE food...

Zeina K

A friend recommended your hummus at Chuck's produce in Vancouver when we had lunch together there last was so good! delicious of the best I have ever had! If not the best!

Desiree L

Recently I purchased your cilantro and jalapeño hummus at Food Fight grocery. I love hummus but I often find local hummus too lemony and gritty, so I typically don't purchase it, however I was starving at the time so I thought I'd risk it and try yours. I just wanted to tell you that it was one of the best risks I've taken in a long time. The taste and texture were perfect, and your hummus is a little lighter in calories than most national brands.

I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work. I'm glad you make my new favorite hummus.


Just had a Lebanese Lunch Box, and it was delicious. The humus, in particular, was so good it made me go to your website, where I read that it was voted in the top 3 by Portland Monthly. Congratulations!

I've been eating humus for 35+ years, and even used to make it professionally when I worked at King Harvest many years ago. I've bought Karam products before, but don't think I’d tried your humus until today. I now consider it my lifetime No. 1!

Look forward to trying the new mezza boxes.


Only 5 ingredients and it's so tasty! I don't know what "hummus" I was eating before but THIS is good hummus! My almost 2 year old loves it too! We're actually snacking on it right now! Looking forward to trying the other kinds!

Jenya R

Just tried your hummus today, purchased from Whole Foods at Hollywood store. Love it! Taste is great and I am so happy you don't put icky canola oil in your hummus. I'll be a repeat customer for sure. Tried the garlic and chive, yummers. Cilantro jalapeño is good too!

Rachel B

Cilantro and jalapeño won my taste test.
I will be a repeat customer. Yum!
No expiration worries at my house. This will be gone the same day it is opened.

Tom S

I had so much fun at the healthy snack event. I met your Co-worker Sunny and she's was super sweet. Just wanted to tell you what an awesome job she did and how nice she was. I am now a new customer for life thanks to her I ended up with pesto and pom mint hummus and honestly I've always hated humus so this came to a surprise. Good job guys. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Jessica R

I used to live in the PDX metro area and really miss your products. This weekend on my way home from a visit to Portland I was able to buy a "Lebanese Lunch Box" at Chuck’s Produce in Vancouver. I had forgotten how good it is and that it tastes homemade. Since I have to eat gluten free, I also really appreciate having gluten free tabbouleh! Any chance you will expand to Puget Sound? Or do you know of anything similar available in or around Tacoma?

Thanks for making a delicious product that has healthy ingredients.

Carolyn B

Just want to say how much I LOVE your Tabouleh. It's the best in town!
Please keep it coming to Food Front.


My husband and I are addicted to Trazza Hummus. We're pretty picky when it comes to flavor and authenticity of hummus and we think yours is the best! The only issue is that we think that the tubs are too small. For us, there's about one to two servings per tub.


Thank you for bringing hummus samples to Natural Grocer (Salem) a couple of days ago! This is the best hummus I have ever had! I bought the "Cilantro & Jalapeno" Hummus-the flavor is exceptional.
Be assured that I will purchase more varieties of your hummus in due time.

Mike M Salem

I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how much I am in love with your humus. It's a strange city we live in, here in Portland, where we have so many local options, never mind national, for our food products. I have tried so many of those brands, and I have fallen completely in love with Trazza. I'm so thankful to find such a delicious local humus without added preservatives and oils. I read your About Me page, and didn't realize that in Lebanon, flavored humus is an unspeakable betrayal to the food (I kid...slightly), though I shouldn't be surprised that flavored humus is the "Americanized" version. But I must be honest - I am in love with the cilantro jalapeno flavor! The original is beautiful and fresh tasting as well.