Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is your hummus made?
A: Our hummus and specialty products are made daily in small batches in our facility in Tualatin, OR.
Q: Is your cilantro jalapeño hummus really spicy?
A: Some people have tried other brands of cilantro jalapeño hummus only to find it to be too spicy. Our cilantro jalapeño hummus has a bit of a kick toward the end of the bite, but is not overly spicy at all. Why not spicier? We wanted to create something that everyone could enjoy. While everyone’s taste buds vary, we don’t think you’ll be overwhelmed by the spicy-ness level in this very popular hummus flavor!
Q: WOW! What makes your hummus taste so fresh?
A: Our hummus is made in small batches daily and delivered to stores weekly. We use quality, nutritious ingredients and never use artificial preservatives. You can count on us to have consistent incredible flavor that is always fresh and delicious.
Q: Why should I buy your hummus over another?
A: Our owner is from where hummus originated from; Lebanon, and our recipes are based on family recipes. Our hummus as well as our other products are made fresh and are authentic.
Q: What?! No way, you don't add oil into your hummus? How do you make it so creamy without oil?
A: Traditionally, in Lebanon, oil is used as a garnish on top of the hummus when it is served fresh. We use extremely high quality tahini (sesame seeds) that become oily by nature. You actually don’t need to add any oil to create the creamy consistency of hummus.
Q: What are mihshi? I thought these grape leaf things were called dolmas.
A: In Greece, stuffed grape leaves are often referred to as dolmas. In Lebanon they are called mihshi, which literally means “stuffed”. Our pomegranate mint mihshi are unique and delectable vine leaves stuffed with pomegranate molasses imported from Lebanon, and lots of fresh ingredients. They are also vegan and gluten free.
Q: What are falafels? And are your falafel's gluten free?
A: Falafels are delicious garbanzo bean patties. They are lightly fried in non-GMO rice oil and are gluten free and vegan.